• "We used ScraperHunt DBs to launch our MVP! Cannot recommend this enough!"

    Tyreese smith

    CEO and Co-Founder

  • "Impressed with the data quality and masterclass support offered by ScrapeHunt!"

    Alice Watson

    Sales Manager

  • "I have bought more than 5 databases, ScrapeHunt keeps me coming back for more!"

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How does it work?

Pick your database, download and start working

We have hundreds of website-specific scrapers that constantly monitor and organize data.
All you need to do is pick one and start using it.

You can choose to download a database once, or subscribe to get a daily updated database!

Build a SaaS

Build a SaaS

Create your own products and services using our data.

Start marketing smarter

Start marketing smarter

Laser focus your targeting or find new customers with our scraped data.

Bootstrap your database

Bootstrap your database

Jump start your internal scraping processes and databases.

Improve your business

Improve your business

Use our structured databases to improve your products and services.

Play store databaseAndroid apps and developers

Play store database

- Sell to companies that have android apps
- Monitor trends and competition
- Build a competitor of AppAnnie/AppBrain/Sensor Tower

1M+ Rows
40 Columns
2GB Size
App store databaseiOS apps and developers

App store database

- Sell to companies that have iOS apps
- Monitor trends and competition
- Build a competitor of AppAnnie/Sensor Tower

1M+ Rows
30 Columns
1GB Size
Companies databaseStartups and companies

Companies database

- Sell to every company on earth
- Monitor trends and competition
- Build a competitor of LinkedIn/Crunchbase/G2

1M+ Rows
17 Columns
1.5GB Size
Investors databaseAngel and institutional investors

Investors database

- Sell to angel investors and VCs
- Analyze trends and funding activity
- Build a competitor of PitchBook/Carta
- Pitch your startup to the right investors

40K+ Rows
17 Columns
125MB Size
News databaseNews and articles

News database

- Build a news aggregator platform
- Build a model for machine learning
- Monitor trends and global events

3M+ Rows
6 Columns
1GB Size
GitHub orgs databaseThe top GitHub organizations

GitHub orgs database

- Sell to tech companies
- Find all companies actively doing open source

10K Rows
8 Columns
100MB Size
AngelList orgs databaseAll companies on AngelList

AngelList orgs database

- Sell to companies that are hiring
- Build a competing job board/HR-tech platform

150K Rows
9 Columns
250MB Size

Frequently asked questions

When and how will I receive the databases?

You will receive the database immediately after the payment. We will send you a CSV download link to your email.
If you like, we can also provide the database in these formats: Excel, SQL, JSON, XML, HTML, Markdown

What's the difference between buying once and subscribing?

Buying once gives you a one-time download link for the database. Subscribing, gives you access to a link with a database that is updated daily.

Is this legal?

Yes! We at ScrapeHunt go to great lengths to ensure that we're following all relevant laws and regulations as well as each website's individual terms of service. Further we take care to always protect the privacy of everyone involved including you, the scraped websites and the website's users.

How do you get the data?

We actively maintain hundreds of website-specific scrapers that run around the clock gathering data. We monitor changes in website structure and continuously keep our scraping methods up-to-date.

Who uses these databases?

Founders, Marketers, Sales and Business Development teams use our databases for a large variety of innovative uses - Building a company, finding new customers, doing market research, monitoring competition etc.

Can you scrape a custom website for me?

Yes! Reach out to us at hello@scrapehunt.com and tell us what website(s) you want us to scrape and what data points you're looking for. We'll do some research and get back to you with an estimate.

Request a custom database/API

Would you like a custom database or API? Or do you have any other web scraping needs? Reach out to us at hello@scrapehunt.com

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